Spectacle & Contact Lens Fitting

Many patients believe that only one form of optical correction should be all that is necessary for one’s visual needs, i.e. one pair of spectacles or contact lenses.

We often fit our patients with more than one form of visual correction, as no one visual aid can cover all situations at office, home, sport and social functions. We may, for example, prescribe daily disposable contact lenses for contact sports or diving, along with spectacles for the office and perhaps monthly replaceable contact lenses for social activities.

Separate sunglasses, prescription, off-the-shelf or ‘over-spectacle’ dark polarised spectacles, colour change lenses (Transitions®) or white lenses with ultra-violet protective and/or anti-reflective coatings all may form part of the holistic vision strategy we create together with the input of our patients.

We also fit lenses to rifle sights, camera eyepieces, diving masks and swimming goggles when indicated (See Sports Vision).

Please discuss your specific visual needs/problems with our optometrists when you come in for an examination. It may even be expedient to make notes of what you wish to discuss and bring them along to your eye examination.

Spectacle Fitting and Dispensing Services:

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best professional advice to our patients on the best lenses available to them for their particular requirements. We have access to a wide range of lens suppliers, varying from the generic, for those who have limited medical aid allowances or financial constraints, to the top state-of-the-art lenses from world famous lens houses like Zeiss®, Rodenstock®, Nikon®, Hoya® and Shamir®.

It is also imperative to select frames which are suitable for the particular purpose and lens type in order to ensure maximum and optimal performance from the spectacles. We stock most of the most sort-after brands sourced both locally and from overseas such as Oakley®, Timberland®, Tag Heuer®, Silhouette®, Diesel®, Guess®, Levi® and Jeep® to name but a few. We can therefore satisfy both the high fashion and optimal performance needs of all our patients.

Contact Lens fitting – Rigid and Soft Lenses:

Fitting Contact lenses is a specialised professional service and we pride ourselves on the success of many years of fitting both rigid gas permeable hard lenses and both disposable and permanent soft material lenses. We regularly get referrals from ophthalmologists (eye specialists) for advanced fittings for conditions such as keratoconus (conical cornea), complications after laser surgery and/or other pathological, idiopathic or genetically induced distortions of the cornea. Cosmetic fitting to hide a badly scarred iris is a most gratifying task with the amazing improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the patient and the self-confidence this engenders.

We supply all types of contact lenses and are therefore able to fit the best contact lens type for a particular patient and do not have to compromise in any way on their comfort and quality of vision.