Low Vision Services

We do testing and fitting of special magnifying or telescopic devices for persons with low vision problems, i.e. where normal spectacles are not suitable.  These are mini-microscopes (for near vision) and telescopes (for far vision) fitted into spectacle frames.

In addition there are electronic devices nowadays, which can be used to magnify beyond that which can be achieved with spectacles or hand-held magnifiers, which, used in conjunction with a computer, can magnify words up to the size of the entire screen. A ‘mouse’ acts as a closed circuit TV camera which is magnified onto the screen.  A device such as an electronic reader, e.g. Kindle™ or IPad™ are devices which can change the font size of the book  print, but when the eyesight requires more magnification than such devices can provide, then other measures become necessary. A combination of various devices and methods may be a requirement. A professional analysis of the individual case will ensure the best and most economical way to go.

There are many cases where poor vision can be retrained or better vision stimulated via therapies involving Light therapy (syntonic phototherapy – to stimulate the cone cells of the macular region with pure wavelengths of light to which they are most sensitive) to stimulate them to work optimally or to widen the angle or width of vision possible; vision coaching/counselling; exercise and attitude guidance.

Some conditions which are served by the above are: Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD); Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP); corneal damage and/or post retinal detachment complications.