Disabled Scuba Divers Set World Record

On Sunday, 27 January 2013, a new world record was set with the most HSA scuba divers living with disabilities all submersing together. The HSA scuba divers disabilities ranged from muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, locked in syndrome, visual and hearing impaired, quadriplegics, paraplegics and spina bifida divers.

The remainder of the group that set the world record was made up of HSA instructors, HSA dive buddies, HSA Course Director and HSA Course Director Trainer and the President of HSA international, Jim Gatacre.

HSA Scuba Association (HSA) South Africa is expanding and now boasts the first HSA course director trainer in the world and a new HSA course director that had just trained and certified seven additional HSA instructors.

The event took place at Miracle Waters near Brits and was made possible by the generous sponsorship from Forever Resorts, @VentSure in association with Ocean Comocean (Lesley Vink). Progress is being made with the addition of the Water Rats section at Miracle Waters to address the accessibility to people living with disabilities. A role-in-shower and ablution facilities will start shortly.

The success of the day is not easy to describe, particularly when expressing the deep emotions experienced by all. The overwhelming result of the courage, determination and incredible inspiration generated from the scuba divers living with disabilities was so tangible and expressive. You would have had to experienced this in person to believe and understand it. “Diving Despite Disabilities”, a true motivation and inspiration to all. You too can do it!